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Thirty Million Words: Building a Child’s Brain

Chicago, December 2 ❯❯

Breakthroughs in Parent Engagement and Early Literacy Panel

Chicago, December 10 ❯❯

AG Bell Conference with UNC Ear and Hearing Clinic

Chapel Hill, January 8 ❯❯ More Events

What is the Thirty Million Words Initiative?

The Thirty Million Words Initiative develops and disseminates evidence-based, parent-directed programs that encourage parents to harness the power of their words to build their children’s brains and shape their futures.

The TMW Toolkit


Tune In by paying attention to what your child is communicating to you.

Talk More with your child using descriptive words to build his vocabulary.

Take Turns by encouraging your child to respond to your words and actions.

Meet Shurand

Meet TMW graduate Shurand and her daughter Teshyia and hear how the program impacted their family.

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"Dr. Suskind believes the enriched language experiences the programmes provide will bear fruit in the classroom."
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